Friday, February 28, 2003 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

from my livejournal…

This was my MASH today.
You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a black SUV.
You will marry [ ] and have 1 child.
You will be a Cruise ship director in Atlanta.

Sounds like a dream come true…sorta. I would rather work for Gap in NY or San Fransisco.

s is dating m. I hope if she decides (again) that she doesn’t want this, I hope it doesn’t ruin our friendship. At this point, though, nothing could ruin our friendship I don’t think. We have been friends for so long, like 5 or so years. That is a long time. I want them to get married and be happy and for j to have a daddy - not just a father, but a DADDY. There is a difference. K is having dinner for M’s birthday on Sunday, I am debating going though. I don’t want it to be weird. Yeah. [ ] is coming for dinner tonight. Part of me is still like, I wish he would just love me, then the other part of me realizes he just can’t right now. He has life to experience! Then somewhere way in the back of my mind I think it will never be. But I refuse to accept that right now. I want it all - travel, move away, successful job - but I also want to get married, have a family, and settle down. I know that I am only 22, so I have a while, but it never hurts to know what you want. And I want him. Last night I went to Wal Mart and I was talking to him on the phone while I was there. When we got off the phone I saw some Cadburry Eggs, the kind they only sell for Easter. I was thinking, “I should get [ ] and myself one of those…but nobody really likes Cadburry Eggs but me.” Then I thought that I could not marry a boy that didn’t like Cadburry Eggs, and I figured I would ask him when I got to his house. I just knew that he would hate them, so I kinda told myself it would be a sign if he like them. So when I asked him, his eyes got really big and he said, “I LOVE Cadburry Eggs!”

So of course, I still think it is meant to be. We are perfect for each other. I actually backed down from a fight with him the other day. Not that we EVER fight, but we were both tired and testy. I have never done that with a boy before, just given up. It was weird. It almost felt… good, just being like, “Okay. You win, I will calm down now and try my hardest to be nice.” Not that I actually said this outloud, but it was in my head.