Thursday, March 11, 2004 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

I have a job interview. A real interview for a real job (as opposed to the fake kind I have had since I was 16). I am very excited, even though it's a job in Murfreesboro. But, who knows? It could turn out to be, like, my dream job that just happens to be in the very place I am wanting to leave...we'll see. Otherwise, it will be a good experience for me to have a real job interview.
And to add to the grown-up-ness of all of this, I bought a suit. I have never in my life owned a suit. It's black and nice and all business-y. And it looks really nice. I might be more excited about wearing my suit that actually going to the interview....probably, but oh well.
Tonight when we were shopping my mom informed me that after I graduate I have 3 months to move out. This is coming from the woman who practically begged me to move back home after I had moved out when I started college...huh? Not that I don't want to move out...I do, and I will, but it irritates me that she actually set a time limit. As if she doesn't like me living there...or something.
But I am ready to move on, have my own place ALONE with my own dishes and groceries and furniture, etc. I know that the "real world" is supposedly not all that great, but it has GOT to be better than juggling everything like I do currently.
And it's not like I have always lived at home, either. I lived in the dorms and then in an apartment for 2 years. In May it will be 2 years that I have lived at home. I know that it will be different, but it will be change and any kind of change is welcome in my life.
In other news, I took the Academic Profile yesterday, which all graduating seniors have to take. It was easy. There was a survey that asked if I had to start college again would I go to MTSU. I said no. Not that my experience hasn't been good, but I would rather go to a smaller school if there is a next time.
I haven't written this much in a loooong time!