no more college

Saturday, May 15, 2004 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

from my livejournal...

Today is graduation. Am I supposed to feel a sense of completion, a sense of satisfaction? I don't. I am impatient as to what is going to happen NEXT in my life.
I decided a while back not to walk, since 1400 people are graduating and I didn't feel like sitting through it. Nor did I want to ask my family to do so. And they left it up to me, but they were sorta relieved. I hope I don't regret it.
So we decided to have a party instead. My mom...the epitome of Southern...has been cleaning for a whole week. She even took off work yesterday to finish getting everything together. She cracks me up.
Anyway, need to take a shower and put on my happy graduation day face. (Not that I'm not happy to graduate, but I have to socialize with my parent's friends for 2 hours...need I say more?)