Friday, June 23, 2006 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

from my phusebox...

i need a job, for survival reasons of course, but more so because I'm bored. I'm not
skilled at sitting around the house. Free time hasn't been this easy to find in a long time. I think I've read 6 books...maybe 10...I've lost count!

I'm living on the upper west side (sounds swanky, huh?!) with
my friends maria and ellie, but this is just a temporary situation. at
the end of july maria is moving out, ellie is moving to back to TN, and
i...don't know yet. i've heard that you shouldn't start looking for an
apartment until 2 weeks before you need it because they go so fast i'm trying not to jump the gun.

As far as a job...i had an interview this morning and i think
it went well, but you never know. it was for an administrative
position assisting the president and the general manager of a company
that makes documentary films on education issues...mostly k-12 schools.
sounds like a good job for me...but again, we'll see. i'll keep you

last weekend i got to play tourist (because i still feel like
one) and we went to the east village, soho, and noho. i really like
that area. last night a friend and i went to the upright citizen's
brigade theatre to see a show called "we used to go out" which was
hilarious. it was a fun night in the city, and i was (still am)
grateful to be here.

the next few weeks will consist of diligently searching for a job and learning my way around this giant place!

prayer is needed and much are some specifics:
- job and apartment (obviously)

- current living situation - 3 people in a 2 bedroom can be
difficult - it isn't yet, but there's always the possibility, so let's
pray that we will be wise with our words and actions.
- The Gallery
Church, the church where maria and ellie work and i am now attending -
it's a chuch plant. pray that people will get and stay involved, that
the staff/team there will be encourged, and for the 7 (SEVEN!) interns
from all over the country who are here until the end of July.

...and i think that's it. thanks for reading!

P.S. After i wrote and sent this, I got a job interview with HGTV and I'm REALLY excited! Keep me in your prayers on Tuesday!