Saturday, November 01, 2008 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

in most places, halloween seems to be the day scandalously clad girls roam the streets without a second glance. but in new york, it's all about the creativity, and the scandalously clad girls are usually scandalously clad...well, boys:

or sometimes it's girls dressed up like boys:
bleeker and juno (katie and rachel)

your conscience: (the "creative" part of this costume is that we came up with hannah's at the last minute! see? creative!)

cleopatra (she made her entire costume...so talented!):
some more:
gymnast danielle, who, incidentally, already owned her entire costume...and she's not a gymnast

**all photos were taken by either hannah or rachel...hop over to their blogs to see more (i assume they'll eventually post some).

tonight i think mic and i are headed to a costume party, so maybe more pictures tomorrow!