a perfect brand new day...and we're the next in line

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

i was woken up at 12:30 AM by people yelling and horns blowing on the street below my window. in my sleepy stupor i could only make out the words "Obama" and "President" and that's how i learned who won the presidential election. i loved it.
i said yesterday that i'm not writing about politics, and i'm still not going to...but these other people did, so i think you should check them out. don't worry, most of them aren't super political, they just worded their thoughts better than i can:

Brian talks about poverty vs. laziness. To him, "poverty has a face and a name."

Pete reminds us that "today is a new day...a new era." Let's (let US) join together and pray for our new leader.

Jennie from She Likes Purple puts it so well when she says, "I hope we all choose belief and faith over fear, and I hope we celebrate our differences instead of continuing to let them divide and define us."

Anne has five things we should do, since we shouldn't "rely on Obama to guide this country into the future."

and finally, Leah congratulates America on being "all growed up."

EDIT 11/6

This one by Heather B. made me cry.

So did this one...YES WE CAN.