we are family*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 / Comments (2) / by elizabeth

at the end of october my dad came to visit and my mom and sister came up last weekend...here are some pics from both weekends with members of the fam:


walking around the city makes me sooo tired

my lovely sister and me

lion king!

love her.

* when i was younger my dad got me a sticker that said, "we are family" in reference to that sister sledge song. 3rd grader elizabeth just knew there was supposed to be an "a" in between "are" and "family." i mean, why was there no article? and THEN i didn't understand why my parents laughed at me when i took a crayon and wrote a giant blue "A" where it belonged. thus began my grammar police career, with exception of those pesky capital letters of course.


mrs007 @ November 12, 2008 at 7:05 PM

That second pic makes me want to ask you out for cocktails :)

the brian king kenobi @ November 12, 2008 at 10:39 PM

i'm right with you on the grammar nazism.

and, well . . . capital letters and i are pretty off-and-on. depends on my mood.