there is a goat who lives next door.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

from my livejournal...

No, I am not kidding. I wish I were. We hear this dang thing bahhhh-ing every day. Sometimes I think we're the only ones who notice that there's a GOAT living in someone's apartment. We wish they would go ahead and sacrifice it or whatever they are planning to do with their goat. Speaking of animals, we think we have a friend who lives in our third room. We call him "Lucifer." He could be a mouse, or maybe a giant cockroach. Yay. ( I know I make our living situation sound bad, but it's totally not. It's really nice, but it's funny to talk about).Well, it's been over a week since I have been gone...sometimes it seems like longer and sometimes it seems like we left yesterday. It's good, though...I feel more settled. We are getting used to living here. Finding my way around gets easier every day. We are lucky that we have friends here to help us with everything.The cool thing about it is we have everything we need right downstairs... there's a flower shop, a convenience store type thing, an art store (!) a bank, and a bakery. We get our wheat bread from the bakery (fresh!) every other day or so.So far we have had a Chinese lesson every day. Most of you know that I am scared of other languages since my wonderful Spanish experience...but this has been good. Maybe it's because I actually want and NEED to learn Chinese. Last night we ate dinner with everyone and some friends from Clarkesville. It was an experience, as Chinese meals usually are. They definitely served us baby octopus...and I definitely couldn't eat it. I have seen baby octopus before when I went to sushi restaurants, but this was red. And there were lots of them. I wanted to take a picture but couldn't (Ellie wouldn't let me). But I did get a picture of our lovely desert...a really cool watermelon type thing. Oh, speaking of pictures, you can go here: to see some recent pictures. The ones I took last week are stuck on Ellie's laptop for the time being, but I will try to get them up soon cause they are really cute. Well, friends, I will talk to you soon.e