Thursday, November 25, 2004 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

Yup, still in China. Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday the Chinese don't celebrate...for obvious reasons. Got back from Shanghai on Monday...all we did was shop, eat at McDonald's and Taco Bell (which is a sit down restaurant - with menus!) and go to Starbucks...every single day. It was a nice vacation. I LOVE shopping in the market, surrounded by fake Louis Vuitton purses, Cartier watches, and Gucci sunglasses. And I definitely spent enough money.
Some days this is hard...I wonder why in the world I came here and what it is exactly I am supposed to be doing. I miss my friends and my family. I miss Jonah. I miss [ ]...a lot. I haven't even spoken to the boy in over 6 months...not by my choice. I miss good pizza and eating grilled chicken that they don't have to kill in front of me before I buy it (true story). I miss my dad. I miss sitting on the couch with Elizabeth and just talking. I miss driving around with Bethany and laughing til it hurt. I miss Heather and her whining about boys...even though she is now dating the man of her dreams! I miss daily phone calls from Jenny just to see what I am doing. I miss my Jump friends and knowing about their lives and feeling like I am a part of them...and some of them I probably won't ever talk to again. I miss church and worship in a corporate ENGLISH! I miss being around people who understand me. I could go on and on...but I won't. Suffice it to is Thanksgiving - be thankful!