heavier things

Monday, April 07, 2008 / Comments (1) / by elizabeth

today was a heavy day.

it was one of those days where i sit at my desk and constantly fight back tears. a day where those closest to me are loaded down with the weight of their worlds, and i get to bear their weight too. [please note, i'm serious when i say i get to bear their weight too - it's an honor and privilege to get to walk beside these women].

days like these are days where there are no conclusions, only acceptance of each moment as it comes.

so, here's to life changes.

here's to you and you and you.

here's to my one of my roommates.

and here's to knowing what it's like to love, and knowing what it's like to walk away.
here's to tears because the memories are painful.
to the fact that they're just memories is even more painful.
here's to having memories at all.
here's to having a best friend.
to losing a best friend because it was time for them to find their own identity, and you yours.
here's to honesty. to wisdom.
here's to days like today, where there are no conclusions, just moments.
to making difficult decisions even though they're the best.
here's to Jesus, because He is so sovereign.
here's to facing it.
here's to growing up and accepting life, and learning from it.
to sharing your heart with people.
here's to loving, here's to losing.