baby envy!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

this weekend while at home in TN i got to hold two squishy babies! i'm at work and i don't have the pic of melissa's baby elliot, but i'll post it later tonight.

**edit: this is elliot, my friend melissa's cute cute baby boy!**

this one is better of me

but this one is better of him! so cute!

and this is connor (with an 'O'), rebekah's beautiful child! he is so good and let me hold him for a looong time, which i loved.

this is right after he spit up on me. i blame my dad, who was moving him around a lot and then handed him back to me. but i don't mind....just look at this face!

[thanks for coming to see me, you guys! it made my day!]

i will be posting correspondence tuesday later today, and we'll pretend today is my tuesday because i didn't go to work monday...ok? ok.