correspondence tuesday [ten]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

when we first met 8 years ago, i was enthralled with you: the bright lights, the shimmering metal, the multitudes of people, your intricate public transportation system, times square, the dizzying height of the world trade center, RENT on Broadway...everything i saw. The day i stepped out of Penn Station and looked up, the first thought i had was, "home. this is home." and six years later, after graduating college and a brief stint overseas, it was time.
i packed everything i thought i needed in 2 suitcases and got on a plane. the first 6 months were hard so hard that i almost left you for another city, for somewhere i thought was better. somehow i was able to fall in love with the real you - to see past the lights and the metal and the crowds and the perception that your outward facade was all that there was to you. the real you just makes all of that more beautiful, more inviting. i still love times square and broadway. public transportation is the best thing ever, especially these days. and my heart beats fast every time i look at your skyline. walking across your bridges is one of my favorite things to do, just to see you from a different perspective. you have so much to offer, and because of you i have learned so much about me.
i can't believe it's been two years. oh, 2 years. words just don't do it justice.

happy 2 years, new york.