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Friday, October 03, 2008 / Comments (1) / by elizabeth

can't! stop! listening! to! volume III
[volume I]
[volume II]

some recent faves, and as always, the lyrics that I love and/or my own thoughts for your reading pleasure:

return, needtobreathe *
["I’m giving you my heart to break again; Oh I’m leaving you a way to get back in...return to me"]
(this song reminds me of a true love story, a story of loss and redemption that only God could have written. oh, and, of course it reminds me of edward and bella, specifically in new moon (book 2) of the twilight saga. what's that you say? you're wondering when i'm going to stop talking about twilight? answer: not any time soon)

gotta find you, joe jonas
[i blame my good friend leslie for this one - but it's truly a good song. so what if it's on the camp rock CD?]

the resolution, jack's mannequin
[ "There's a lot that I don't know, there's a lot that I'm still learning..."]
(this is on jack's new CD...and i'm not so sure about the rest of it. maybe it'll grow on me? i love them so much and i really want to love their new CD...)

rest, nevertheless *
["hey, I know that you're scared/ to look in My eyes/ when you know that something's wrong/ I'll wait as long as it takes/ for you to find grace/ that's been here all along"]
and also, augustine:
["love is an ocean/ caught in a storm/ breaking down walls/ and taking its form/ the
farthest from safety/ but the closest I've come/ as we come undone..."]

currents, dashboard confessional
["the air is visceral around us/ turning in its simple steps/ on slow currents/ and I watch as it pirouettes and spins in slow motion/ a long drag comes/ a slow dance/ in a halo of ember"]
(pretty sure i just like the word "visceral")

God of this city, chris tomlin
[where do i even begin with this song...God uses this song to break my heart for new york city time and time again. chris tomlin didn't write it (though he sings it well), bluetree did, and the story behind the song can be found here]

sorrow, flyleaf
["familiar breath of my old lies changed the color in my eyes...soon He will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by"]
(another edward and bella song, but more importantly, a beautiful reference to Psalm 30:5)

walk you home, karmina
["even the brave may depend on someone/ the moon only shines with the help of the sun/ it's not as safe when you're walking alone/ i'll walk you home"]

divine romance, phil wickham *
[from his newest (FREE) album good! you can download it from his website]

disturbia, rihanna
[one of those fun songs you can't get out of your head!]

* get the whole can thank me later :)


Anonymous @ October 5, 2008 at 9:50 PM

i love edward and bella!