correspondence tuesday [fourteen]

Thursday, July 17, 2008 / Comments (0) / by elizabeth

for the past couple of years, I've tried to set aside time on tuesdays to write letters or send packages to the important people in my life who don't live near me. i decided to bring it to the blog and write to an anonymous [important] person each tuesday. this is the fourteenth edition - enjoy!

[bring your sad face, you might need it]

i have never had a friend like you. i walked into this job determined that it would be different from my last [miserable] job, and made a conscious effort to do things completely opposite this time. therefore, i vowed not to get caught up in the personal lives of my co-workers, to keep them at arm's length. see, if you don't make anything personal, you don't have to take anything personally. if i don't share my thoughts, feelings, and emotions with you, you're not responsible for them when i get hurt.

however, despite my neuroticism (including but not limited to my overuse of hand sanitizer) you quickly became my favorite person in the office. i found myself telling you things i didn't share with most other people - venting about whatever predicament i found myself in, telling you stories about my life and how i grew up and who i was before i moved to new york. i shared with you about REVO and the planning that was involved, and you listened and supported and even showed up. we discussed religion and politics and celebrity gossip and everything in between.

i think my favorite part of my friendship with you is the arguments. not the ones where we're actually irritated - those have been few and far between - but the banter that makes us laugh more than anything. if there's anything we're good at it's arguing a point, even if we agree with each other. sure, it might be arguing for the sake of argument, but the truth is that we're both compassionate people who are able to step back and see another point of view. this speaks volumes about character.

i don't want you to leave. the only good thing about all of this is that i probably won't get in trouble for laughing too loudly anymore. okay, well, besides the fact that you're going to change the world by serving some underprivileged children in India...i mean that's pretty awesome too. but that's it, only 2 reasons. maybe you could reconsider?

seriously though - i could not have made it this far without you. i don't know what life is going to look like when you're not here, but i do know my thighs are going to return to their pre-working out state because i don't have someone to force me to go to the gym anymore. thank you for making the past year at this company more enjoyable. thank you for teaching me, inspiring me, loving me, and letting me borrow your mascara. more than all that, thank you for sharing yourself with me and for allowing me to share myself with you.

you will be missed.